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Grand Canyon

rivers of the west This is a user friendly CD ROM focusing on the Grand Canyon! Shoot through treacherous Lava Falls and feel your raft slam a wall of water! Hear original music as it reverberates through Blacktail Canyon, awakening ancient spirits! Sleep beneath the towering canyon walls, with the billion-year-old Vishnu Schist for a pillow! The photography is beautiful and the music is good too! There are great panoramas at your control, great graphics, enhanced videos of rafting and more such as geology facts, natural history facts, maps, and travel information. A great gift!
Windows System Requierments:
A personal computer, pentium processor, 8MB RAM (16 MG fo Windows 95) , MCP-compatible double speed CD ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, SVGA with 640x480 resolution, 256 colors.

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