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Fly Fishing Great Rivers Of The West

rivers of the west This is a user friendly CD ROM focusing on six great rivers of the western United States: The Madison River, Henry's Fork, Yellowstone River, Green River, Deschutes River and the San Juan River. Each river is toured with full nartaion. Techniques, best flies to be used, sights and sounds, the location specific eco system, maps and travel information, and licenses are focused on. There is also a list of resources for each river. The photography is beautiful and the music is good too! A great gift for the fly fisher the family!
Windows System Requierments:
A personal computer 486/33MHz or better, 8MB RAM, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, Double speed CD ROM drive, 256 color VGA card or better, 16 or 24 bit sound card, mouse.

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