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Cowboy Poets
Live At Elko

cowboy poets For a week in the dead of winter,when things get quiet on the ranch, the town of Elko, Nevada is transformed into a crowded and lively festaval of poets, musicians and friends, who come together to celebrate the spirit and craft of the cowboy. Over the years, The Cowboy Poetry Gathering, known to most simply as "Elko," has become, in the words of the Chigcago Tribune "a major American cultural event."
The cowboy Poets Live at Elko captures the irrepressible spirit of the 10th annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering, held in 1994. Among the featured performers are Waddie Mitchell, Michael Martin Murphey, Don Edwards, Wallace McRae, Riders in the Sky, Ian Tyson, and Sons of the San Juaquin, who celebrate in joyful song and verse the legendary humor, drama and big hearted spirit of the American West.

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