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Great Ranches of The West
wiyh Michael Martin Murphey

Join Michael Martin Murphy for a visit to four of the largest and oldest family-owned ranches in America. Nationally broadcast on PBS, Great Ranches of The Westtakes you to:
Eatons Dude Ranch, the original "Dude Ranch." It was created in hard times in 1879 when a cowboy offered payment for the privilege of staying on the ranch.
The expansive Parker Ranch in Hawaii, founded by John Palmer Parker, who tamed the offspring of cattle left by General George Vanvouver in 1793. Today, the Parker Ranch is a tropical Wild West worked by native Hawaiian cowboys.
The Spanish Ranch, one of seven owned by the Ellison family, part of a massive empire stretching over nine million acres in nothern Nevada.
The CS Ranchin Cimmaron, NM, one of the last large family run ranches in America. From oldest daughter Julia, ranch attorney, to youngest daughter, Kim, ranch vet, the CS Ranch is a powerful example of American family enterprise.

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