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Flintknapping With Dr Bruce Bradley

Fllint Knapping

As a prehistoric hunter, how would you go about providing tools needed for daily survival? This film demonstrates the fundamentals of the art of Flint knapping. Dr. Bradley explains and shows the process of stone tool manufacture. Watch as each piece is skillfully produced duplicating this ancient skill as you reach a better understanding of our past. .
An internationally renowned expert, Dr. Bradley is an active professional archaeologist and educator with the University of Exeter in England and is known worldwide for his knowledge of stone tools and weapons.. His lectures are in constant demand in the United States and abroad.
This program is 45 minutes in length and is complete with chapter search capability providing direct reference to sessions on:

Fracture Mechanics
Archaic Hunting Scenarios
Spear point manufacturing including:
Percussion thinning
Pressure finishing and notching
An excellent teaching and learning tool!

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