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Russ Finley's Winter in Yellowstone

This is the story of the many moods of Yellowstone's winter. Along the way, witness incredible natural wonders found only here, where winter's harsh and uncompromising conditions play out against a mystical beauty.
Yellowstone is a reminder of the real rules of the game. Observe the animals who make our oldest national park their home during the long, frozen months. Weary Bison wallow through deep drifts, slowly searching for meager forage. In dramatic footage, coyotes fight over those who do not survive. Majestic elk, delicately pick their way along Yellowstone's snowy river banks, the water warmed by geo-thermal run off. At 42 degrees below zero, Old Faithful explodes into the frigid air sending colossal columns of steam skyward. Running time 45 minutes
Available in VHS (NTSC) and DVD formats.

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