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Yellowstone Aflame

Through footage taken during the 1988 fires, see and hear America's greatest forest fire. Discover how it burned nearly a million acres of trees yet gave birth to a new cycle of growth. Yellowstone Aflame offers insight into the conditions that led to the fires and explores important ecological changes in the park.
Released 4/01
o More Fire! video:
An awesome natural phenomenon - Wildfire is a terrifying spectacle. It has a hypnotic life of its own - a speed, magnitude and destructive scale that hold irresistible fascination, comparable to the mesmerizing effects of a volcanic eruption. Its astonishing ferocity is demonstrated in remarkable Yellowstone scenes.
o "Fire" Music Video
- If ever there was a reason to view a DVD on a Big Screen TV with a great sound system, this is it. Watch and listen as a firestorm builds to a crescendo. Captivating!
o Multi-Language Subtitles -
The main program is narrated in English, but also features subtitles in German and French
1 Summer 1988
2 Conditions
3 Battle Begins

4 North Fork Fire
5 Black Saturday
6 Old Faithful
7 Firestorm
8 Aftermath
"Intelligently written and smoothly narrated, the tape is mesmerizing... intense... stunning."
Seattle Times "Sometimes it is better to see a video than to have been there. That's the case with Yellowstone Aflame." Boulder Daily Camera"
Running time 45 minutes.
Available in VHS (NTSC) and DVD formats.

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