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INTERpark's Maria Martinez
Native American potter of San Ildefonso

Maria Martinez, noted Indian pottery maker demonstrates the traditional Indian ways, beginning with the spreading of corn pollen before clay is gathered. Also shown are the mixing of the clay, construction of pottery, hand decorating and building of the firing mound.
This National Park Service film was a winner of CINE Golden Eagle; Certificate of Creative Excellence, U.S. Industrial Film Festival; Certificate Salerno International Film Festival; award second International Craft Film Festival. Running time is 27 minutes. Available in VHS (NTSC), PAL and now on DVD
that includes a bonus feature of Pablita Velarde a native American Indian and noted painter. Born in 1918 in the Pueblo of Santa Clara and educated at a mission, her artistic talents were encouraged by her teachers. Through her work at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, Pablita records the traditions and legends of her ancient people so that future tribal generations may know and understand their heritage.
Here we see Pablita mixing her own paints from natural earth- found materials, sketching in the wilderness, teaching young Indian children. She captures on canvas, the essence and ceremonies customs, and present day Pueblo life. Running time is 20 minutes. A great bonus! Total DVD running time 47 min.

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