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Bandelier National Monument

In a land of stark contrast, where densley carpeted forest floors lie next to rugged volcanic rock cliffs...where soft bubbling springs meet the desert sand, the people came. Allured by regular rainfall, small and large game and abundant plant life, these indians, the Ancient Pueblo Ancestors, built their homes and carried on a lifestyle viewed by some today with envy. As they irrigated their fields, the Ancients carved out their homes in the soft rock of the canyon walls. Later, building villages of various sizes, the people moved across the landscape of the Pajarito Plateau, littering the mesas with up to 7,000 known archaeological sites.

Fascinated with the ruins strewn through this diverse environment, Adolph Bandelier spent several years recording his love for these prehistoric inhabitants in various writings and sketches. His interest brought permantent attention to canyons such as Frijoles, Alamo and Capulin. Among these vast scars on the plateau are the ruins of large villages, Tyuonyi, Long House, Yapashi, and Tsankawi. There are cave dwellings and spiritual sites such as the stone lion shrine and ceremonial cave. Out-of-the-way treasurers like Painted Cave, Valle Grande and upper and lower falls, make a visit to this very special New Mexico place unforgettablle. See the wonder that has affected many cultures...the wonder of Bandelier National Monument. Running time is 48 minutes. DVD

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